JD-OD.com offers a variety of ways to consume content. You can read the posts, view videos, and subscribe to all or different parts of the site from the desktop, iPhone, iPad and via Facebook.

JD-OD.com has been optimized for most desktop browsers and a selection of mobile devices.

Most of the stand alone videos run around 5-6 minutes, the shows run somewhat longer but they are annotated so you can easily skip from one section to the next.

Some videos are part of a much longer conversation. Where that is the case, the videos are meant to show what we believe are the most interesting pieces of the conversation or which discuss a specific theme that is topical.

iPhone and iPad users can have a dedicated bookmark icon on their device. In order to place this on the device you must click the “+” button in Safari and tap “Add to Home Screen”. “Bookmark a Website to Your iPad Desktop” contains more detailed instructions and screenshot of this process.

The icon looks like this but may take a few seconds to show on your device:

We have developed an iPhone version of the show. This overcomes many of the limitations of the iPhone’s screen size while not sacrificing access to content.

On Blackberry, you will be able to see the text accompanying video and a thumbnail but video playback is not working at the time of writing this page. We will update when and if we can develop a working fix. Audio plays just fine using the native Blackberry audio player.

We have a Facebook fan page. If you like what we’re doing then feel free to sign up. This is also the place where we are aggregating our Twitter stream.

We use the Disqus social commenting system. This works on desktop/iPhone/iPad but does not work on Blackberry.

On the right hand side of the site you can see a sidebar. This contains (among other things) a set of linked icons that take you directly to our Twitterstream, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile and global RSS feed. The gallery of links looks like this:

We realise that not everyone wants everything but likes to pick and mix. We have set up a set of category feeds to which you can subscribe individually. This will expand over time. The feeds can be found in the sidebar and look like this:

If you are having trouble locating the Global RSS, just paste JD-OD.com URL into your RSS reader and the global feed should come up in your reader by default.