For one of the last JD-OD shoots of 2013, Den caught up with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to learn about how Plex’s SaaS software has enabled them to achieve a result without a formal IT department.  As Charlie Bauer, Director of Operations of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream explains, Jeni’s is no stranger to cloud systems. They use cloud for eCommerce and live customer chat and Google Apps for business.

But until their use of Plex, they had never used cloud for ERP and manufacturing. Now live on Plex, Bauer tells Den what that means for Jeni’s business:

We use it for product planning, production planning. We use it on the shop floor to keep track of everything we make and where it goes, if we send it to a warehouse in Columbus or Nashville. Or we send it to Chicago, where we ship it to customers around the country. All the accounting systems, as well, are all on Plex.

With their Plex system in place, Jeni’s has plans to triple their ice cream output in 2014. The hardware investment needed to make it all happen? Some new scanning guns, and that’s about it. Bauer makes the case for cloud in very simple terms:

You have to understand your own capabilities and house. Ours are very limited. We are not an IT shop; we’d rather spend our money on making the world’s best ice cream and putting that into ingredients.