Jon was on hand in Boston for Progress Exchange 2013 to get a first hand look at Progress Software’s PaaS transitions. He also shot a couple of videos that make the cut for our JD-OD best of year in review.

First up? His interview with Karen Tegan Padir. Progress CTO. Tegan Padir tells Jon about how they consulted heavily with their partners and customers prior to rolling out Pacific, their PaaS platform. She also makes the case for the business AND technical value of PaaS:

The beauty of platform as a service is you don’t have to worry about the assembly of the whole stack. Our customers have had that luxury with OpenEdge from the beginning. The embedded database, the runtime, the development tooling has all been together in OpenEdge. It’s the same in a PaaS. You don’t have to go and hire system administrators to set up the hardware infrastructure and cloud infrastructure; you don’t have to hire a database administrator to set up the database. You go to the PaaS and all of the runtime, embedded database is all there for you and you just worry about creating your application.

Startups get to spend money on people that are domain experts for the business they’re in and the application they want to build – versus the infrastructure of configuring a database and setting up systems.

Jon also spoke with a long time Progress partner, CARDWATCH, about their experiences on the Progress platform:

According to Gary McMullen, President of CARDWATCH, spend management with their institutional clients is still undergoing a massive shift from the inefficiences of pen and paper to smarter systems. CARDWATCH’s spend management systems are built Progress’ business rules capabilities to drive transactions. McMullen:

Now we are introducing this technology, we are enforcing some specific rules within their organization. We try and take the servers or the cashiers out of that decision loop. We’re enforcing rules like:

  1. Is that item on the menu today?
  2. Is it taxable?
  3. Is it eligible on the meal plan?
  4. What price level does the resident receive when that item is purchased?

The benefits of CARDWATCH’S spend management systems extend beyond operational efficiency and into safety and security. As McMullen tells Jon:

The management and security department can look and see whether Mrs. Smith has had a meal today and if she hasn’t, they make a phone call to make sure she’s okay. That’s a huge component.