Reviewing our JD-OD video highlights of 2013, two HANA startups we filmed but haven’t featured on stood out: Warwick Analytics and Apptimyze.

In the Warwick Analytics video featured above, Den talks with Dan Somers about the power of predictive analytics and how Warwick Analytics has progressed in the HANA Startup Program. As Dan explains, Warwick Analytics is now out in the market with a product called Sigma Guardian. As Warwick pitches it: ‘Maximise the efficiency of your plant or production line by locating the faults that slow your processes down and create too much waste. Reduce.’ 

Sigma Guardian is now technically validated by SAP and ready for primetime. As Dan explains in the video, one of the most exciting aspects is the potential to team up with SAP’s own sales team for go-to-market:

It’s got to be win win. Why would they let a start up come in to augment a deal? Why would they even consider that? The fact that some have considered it is a testament to everyone working as a team. As you’re alluding to, there is a strong fit.

To get a view on HANA’s potential in an advertising context, Jon talked with Kence Anderson, CEO of Apptimyze:

Kence shares how the proliferation of data is changing the ad industry:

I’ve done a string of about six ad tech startups. What we’ve found is that there’s a preponderance of data that’s coming out, mostly from real time bidding exchanges, and that affects when and where the ads run, and to whom. We started to see that it’s much more about the data than it is even about the creative and where it is about the creative, it should be fed information from the data. What we decided to do was ingest all this data, crunch it, and then be able to make a recommendation like “advertise 9:00 AM on Thursdays in cities like Chicago” for this particular campaign.

In a business where the human element needs to be mixed with smart data management, Kence saw a strong potential with HANA. The HANA Startup Program pulled Apptimyze into the mix at a local event. Things took off from there. At the time of the interview, Apptimyze was co-innovating with a customer. Kence:

We’re working with a large dynamic ad company. We’re, working on a case study with five big brands, a major clothing retailer and major hotel chain among them. They were very impressed with just the ability to process the data. Most ad companies are stuck in the basic reporting, which is while the ad is running in the right places in the right times – which they weren’t. Then they want exploratory reporting which is a slice and dice capability. Then you get to predictive analysis – that’s the stage we’re at right now.