At Workday Rising, Dennis caught up with Michael Bause, VP Technology with Equifax, about their recent Workday implementation.

It’s a story we’re hearing a lot these days: replacing legacy technologies, improving business processes, turning HCM into a competitive advantage. Or if not an advantage, at least a far better user experience.

As Michael explains to Dennis, the goal of the new HCM project was not simply about modernizing payroll applications:

We needed to get our HR partners out of the business of pushing paper around and actually helping our leaders to get that seat at the table, what everybody wants in making decisions. We wanted a platform that could actually help us achieve that in a relatively quick time.

Michael talks Dennis through the Workday selection and implementation phases, and then shares the results. One result not to be underestimated: better user engagement. Users who actually enjoying their HR applications? Yes, Michael says it’s possible:

A lot of times in the past, we’ve pushed things out from corporate and just made those things happen. We’ve actually got a product now that we can say that we globally deployed and people are now enjoying it. It’s not a chore to go into HR necessarily and do HR things.

The conversation wraps with lessons learned about process standardization and simplification globally.

Show Notes

:41 “We needed to make a change”

1:31 The selection process – due diligence

2:25 Project results

3:13 People are actually enjoying HR

3:42 Advice – focus on business process, and “don’t be scared of the technology”

4:06 Global process standardization pays off