On Dennis’ recent west coast jaunt, he stopped by VMworld to get some firsthand takes (see Den’s VMworld 2012 – a business perspective on diginomica for his full analysis).

Here’s how Den framed his VMworld experience:

It was my first time at VM World and a very different affair to the business applications events I usually attend. VM World is a geek’s paradise with hardware stacked to the show floor rafters and not a salesperson’s ‘suit’ in sight. Some playfully described it as a ‘cult’ in the nicest possible terms. They see VM Ware as a company that attracts and retains devoted fans. I could not help but notice the lines for the education sessions. Wait lists for lectures? You go it.

Den sat down with VWworld executive Sanjay Poonen to hash out the conference takeaways. Sanjay explains, VMware is headlong into a new business direction, moving from virtualization to cloud computing. Ergo, the VMworld announcement of the vCloud Hybrid Service.

The guys then dig into the impact of mobility. Den’s take?

Sanjay argues that in a world where employees are increasingly being encouraged to bring their own device, methods need to be found where the employee can genuinely separate private and business usage. If VM Ware can do this in a drop dead easy manner where the end user has clearly understood options then they may be on a winner, given the company’s existing brand strength.

Show Notes

:50  Sanjay is settling in at VMware

1:43 The business message? Create automation, agility and to lower costs

3:25  The vCloud hybrid cloud service announcement

5:08  Third part of Sanjay’s portfolio is social computing

6:20  Mobile trends – the VMware view

8:20  Big mobile opportunities in Africa and India

12:30 Sum: “VMWare wants to manage, secure and virtualize the desktop and mobile device.”

Analyst shoot: Dennis also got a VMworld take from Holger Mu of Constellation Research:

Here’s how Dennis framed his conversation with Holger:

With VMware wanting to instrument ‘cloud’ (however defined) management through a suite of compute, storage and networking on the one side and business still confused about ‘cloud,’ just how will VMware articulate a message that resonates back to the business? In the above video, I tackled this topic with Holger Muelller, analyst at Constellation Research. He agrees this represents a significant challenge. He also questions whether VM Ware buyers are even thinking about the public cloud.

Holger Mueller Show Notes

1:53  VMware’s challenge: communicating with a business audience
3:47  VMware’s customer base has questions about public cloud
4:50  What VMware needs to do next
6:20  VMware’s success hurt hardware companies the most

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