In Jon’s Acumatica partner event wrap for diginomica, he hit on a big topic for any cloud ERP firm with midmarket aspirations – rolling out vertical functionality. At the show, Jon caught up with JAAS Systems, one of Acumatica’s most established ISVs. JAAS has built out a manufacturing component that is fully integrated with Acumatica’s ERP solution – meaning it has the same look and feel as the core Acumatica product.

JAAS Systems’ John Schlemmer and Fred Szumlic told me their story and also chimed in on the question of adoption for manufacturing in the cloud. In 2010, JAAS could see the writing on the enterprise wall: it was time to modernize their product.

The end result? Choosing Acumatica as their cloud ERP partner. During the video, Schlemmer and Szumlic talk about the work entailed moving their product from client-server to Acumatica’s web-based browser.

They also shared a major reason for selecting Acumatica: the ability to offer both cloud and on-premise versions of the software, giving their customers’ deployment choices and giving JAAS some protection as cloud manufacturing adoption increases.

Szumlic emphasized cloud is more than a deployment option:

To us, cloud technology is more than just where [the software] resides. Cloud technology affords mobility. It affords access to data files and information from anywhere in the world back to your company, be it the shop floor or at a conference or convention.

It also has some excellent price performance advantages that obviously a manufacturer’s always looking for…Cloud technology is still something that I think manufacturers will evolve to because of the advantages it gives them to maintain a competitive advantage.

As for those services firms that are lagging behind in their cloud transitions, Szumlic closed with some words of advice: productize your industry knowledge into vertical solutions.

If you truly verticalize, you really have to stay on it. There are times when you want to get off, or you want to deviate because business pressures or the economy are moving something. But once you decide ‘This is where I’m going,’  if you build that knowledge base and you build that level of expertise, it pays off, as we’ve seen that with our Acumatica transition.

Show Notes

 :45 Founding of JAAS systems in 1999

1:17: Moving from client-server to web-based Acumatica browser

2:25 Cloud versus on-premise manufacturing

4:21 Why vertical solutions matter.

5:54 Acumatica customer stories

7:38 How to measure a successful go-live

8:43 Advice on developing verticals

Disclosure: Acumatica paid for Jon’s travel and accommodations to the Acumatica Partner Summit.