Acumatica has a different approach to cloud ERP that is worth a listen. CEO Yury Larichev sat down with Jon during the Acumatica Partner Summit to give his take on Acumatica’s market opportunity.

First up? Discussion of Acumatica’s license model, which is based on total consumption not tied to number of seats. Acumatica says this approach helps customers to easily open up system access to casual users and external customers via Acumatica’s portal. Yury explains:

We don’t charge per user. We don’t limit customers. We don’t penalize customers for accidental users they have…Through the portals, you can extend your ERP and CRM functionality to your channel or your suppliers, your partners or your customers and your consultants as well, which will be working somewhere in the field. They can access AP, AR, customer records, CRM and opportunities.

The guys move on to discuss Acumatica’s approach to industry verticals and Yury makes it clear why partners are so important to Acumatica’s vertical build-out, with 20 add-on solutions live, and 60 IT partners and counting. Yury also clarifies that Acumatica does support multi-tenancy as of version 4.1 announced at the conference – a point not all attendees were clear about as of day 2.

The final point of discussion? Mobility. Acumatica’s mobile platform is still in the works, though Yury points out that Acumatica is already browser-accessible, which has provided them with some time to evaluate what kinds of mobile applications their users need beyond the core functionality they can access via browsers:

We have positioned Acumatica as a platform and obviously as a cloud solution. It works in any browser today. It automatically adjusts to your screen size, regardless of where you use it, on your cell phone, smartphone or your iPad. We’ve been thinking about the usage scenarios, talking about mobile applications. I doubt, if we simply replicate their CRM or IP functionality on a mobile, that customers will use it. It’s too complex.I think it is scenario by scenario, with several business functions in any single application.

Acumatica’s solution? Yury tells Jon the plan – to build out a platform which will allow for ease of deployment on iOS, Android, and Windows phone. The current timeline? To include it in the next major release, 5.0, scheduled for release end of Q1, 2014.

Show Notes

:33 A different license model

1:52  Extending functionality to customers and suppliers

3:11 Acumatica’s vertical opportunity Now you have a chance to provide a different kind of customer experience, working here. What can you tell us about a customer example or two of using your product?

4:50 Partners play a big role in verticals – 60 IT partners, 20 live solutions

5:46 4.1 – a major new release, including multi-tenant capabilities

7:02  Acumatica’s approach to mobility

Disclosure: Acumatica paid for Jon’s travel and accommodations to Acumatica Summit 2013