On the last day of the Acumatica Summit (for the assembled media), Jon corralled Brian Sommer for the Acumatica Summit wrap.

Brian shares his instant reactions to what he saw at the Summit, which included “pleasant surprise.”.Acumatica’s unique partner-centric go-to-market is the next topic on deck. Then the guys move into a discussion of multi-tenancy, one issue that partners were looking for more information on during the show (Multi-tenancy is supported in the new version of Acumatica  announced at the conference – version 4.1).

Brian explains why a multi-tenant architecture does indeed matter to customers:

It does matter. It matters because one of the single biggest expense items for companies, one of the most painful headaches is to actually maintain, upgrade, and keep current their application software. In a multi-tenant world, a vendor is supposed to do all that maintenance for you. Not the reseller, not the customer, but the vendor. That’s because there should only be one copy of the code. There’s one instance of it and just like Google’s search engine tool where we all get to see the new stuff, that’s what you’re supposed to see.

The guys close the video with another critical topic: industry verticals and how Acumatica plans to team with partners on needed vertical functionality. Brian explains why verticals drive the midmarket ERP sales process:

Partners will have the lowest friction in selling when they create case studies of vertical solutions. They have customer references, have their own subject matter experts who know a particular vertical very well and they promote the daylights out of it. It’ll just make their partners so much more successful that they sell that as opposed to a generic financial accounting system. Now, that said, wanting to do that and getting that result are two very different things.

Show Notes

:36  “Pretty good growth numbers and a pretty energized bunch of partners”

1:41 Acumatica founded in 2007 means no FORTRAN code

3:15:  Partners are not a side dish for Acumatica – there is no direct sales channel

5:18 Kicking around multi-tenancy issues

7:28 Acumatica’s industry strategy reviewed

Disclosure: Acumatica paid for Jon’s travel and accommodations to Acumatica Summit 2013.