iTelligence is a very well established SAP All-in-One partner, which raises the question: what changes are they seeing in their customer base given the cloudy themes of the summit?

Steve Niesman, the CEO of iTellgence, gave his candid views to Jon Reed at the SAP Partner Summit. Bottom line? Customer interest in cloud-based solutions, including the All-in-One hosted model, is definitely increasing.

Steve described a three stage decision making process a typical All-in-One prospect goes through.

When our customers are looking for a solution, they ask, ‘Is it available in the cloud, is it easily digestible, can rent it or pay less for it’ – they look in the cloud first. Second – if there is not a cloud option, then is there a standard packaged application like SAP? If it doesn’t meet the first two criteria, then I will build it.’

With cloud solutions, often procured directly by the business, the role of the CIO comes into question. Steve shares his views on how the CIO can play an important role in cloud decision making and education.

One of the critical issues for SAP to address in the cloud is industry solutions. From the keynote stage, SAP encouraged the partners to take on roles building vertical solutions. But is this realistic? Niesman’s view is that industry solutions are critical, and not just software, but consulting expertise along with it.

He believes for firms to be successful, they will need the credibility to bring industry expertise to bear on their customers’ problems. As for building full vertical solutions, that’s not the iTelligence approach. But Niesman explains how building out last mile solutions for specific verticals has proven to be a good approach.

The guys wrap with that all-important topic: how do you determine the success of a project once the go-live switch is flipped?

Show Notes

:52  Cloud deployments are a major theme of the summit

1:29 Are iTelligence customers looking at cloud solutions?

2:33 How Steve’s customers evaluate new products, cloud and otherwise

4:08 What is the CIO’s role in all this?

4:46  Why industry solutions are critical

5:40 iTellegence takes a “last mile” approach to industry verticals

7:20 How does iTelligence assess project success?

Disclosure: SAP paid for most of Jon’s travel and accommodations at the SAP Partner Summit.