Every partner Jon filmed at the SAP Partner Summit was re-inventing their business model in some way, and RAMO Sistemas was no exception. Making the trek from his company’s home base in Brazil, CEO Decio Krakauer sat down with Jon to talk with him about a very interesting cloud SAP Business One use case.

It all started with an idea from SAP: to collaborate with Petrobas, a major oil company in Brazil, to extend their supplier portal called called Petronect. The goal? Use a cloud-based SAP B1 interface to connect Petrobas’ 100,000+ vendors to the portal.

For Decio, this was a whole new way of working with SAP:

It’s a different model of doing business, because it’s not selling an SAP to this vendor. It’s providing a service that they can be connected from their catalogue of prices, of items to what Petrobras needs for purchase … It’s thinking out of the box. It’s thinking that everybody wants to be connected. Usually, in Brazil or elsewhere, when we make sales, we sell implement software for each customer one by one. This time it’s a different idea    to sell one to many, an ecosystem of vendors.

The project’s numbers pass the skeptic’s test: three month implementation, 500 vendors now signed up and actively using the portal (each vendor signs up on their own). And the automation has drastically reduced the lead time to purchase. As Decio puts it:

This is great because for some of these vendors, their lives are related to being a successful vendor for Petrobras. And if they are more agile and quicker, they are more efficient and they get more purchase orders from them.

In the final segment of the video, Decio reflects on how this first success will surely change the RAMO Sistemas business model going forward:

This project showed us that there are lots of opportunities to connect to ecosystems of channels, of partners, of vendors, of customers for the largest companies. Every time that we go to one of these companies, we think out of the box – how can we connect them to the ecosystem?

Show Notes

:48 A different kind of SAP project

1:31 developing a cloud portal for suppliers using SAP B1

2:38 How the project idea originated

3:13 Project completed in three months – not your typical big bang

3:57 Solutions has been well-received by suppliers 500 users already signed up for this.

4:45 XML-based load integration – a collaboration with customer, RAMO Sistemas, and SAP

5:30 A new way of doing business with Brazilian customers

Disclosure: SAP paid most of Jon’s travel and expenses for the SAP Partner Summit