Since we last talked with the Alert Enterprise team, there have been several big developments. Their real-time threat detection solution has become a factor in national security circles, due to the tragic Boston marathon bombings.

The necessary shift from investigation to prevention was not lost on CEO Jasvir Gill, who sat down with Jon during the SAP Partner Summit in Miami. A “graduate” of the HANA startup program, Alert Enterprise can credit its recent success to passionate customer references, a story Jasvir shared during the video.

During the talk, Jasvir also has some updates on cloud deployments. Surprisingly, even with cloud security being a big factor of late, many of Alert Enterprise’s customers do opt for cloud deployment options.

As Jasvir puts it:

“We have customers who want to do some things on‑premise, but there are a lot of customers who are saying security is not our core business, can somebody else handle it for us? They want solutions in the cloud. In some cases they want somebody else to even monitor. They want somebody else to provide the whole security of operation center. We provide both options so our software can be on‑premise or in‑cloud to meet our customers’ requirements.”

During the shoot, Jasvir also offers advice for those who have aspired to use new solutions like HANA but don’t know where to begin.

Show Notes

:34 Update – big developments since the last shoot

1:31 The power of word of mouth

2:07 Moving from threat analysis to prevention

3:42 On-premise versus cloud deployments

4:26 Jasvir’s motivation for attending the event

4:44 Startups partnering with SAP – does it work?

5:37 Jasvir’s advice to aspiring HANA startups

Disclosure: SAP paid most of Jon’s travel and accommodations to the SAP Partner Summit.