G-Cloud has made significant progress in the last couple of years – but what did it take on the ground?

In this presentation highlight, recorded by Dennis at Think G-Cloud 2013 in London, Denise McDonagh, CTO of the U.K.’s Home Office, outlines how G-Cloud has overcome obstacles and taken hold.

Denise starts out by saying that government departments are doing things radically different, not just shaving around the edges. Which includes G-Cloud. And there’s more than just money savings. It’s about being more efficient, doing things more quickly and delivering customer services from a customer perspective.

Sales as of the end of April were just shy of 22 million pounds. Denise’s take? A pound spent in the cloud is worth ten spent anywhere else. And even though Cloud Store isn’t yet brilliant, they’ll continue to iterate it.

Diginomica.com co-founder Stuart Lauchlan then asks Denise about “public cloud first,” wondering whether getting people hooked on cloud will be a function of the use-case example. Denise says the use case will prompt a discussion. Getting together to continue it will amount to a critical part of an evolving process.

Show Notes

:21 G-Cloud helps government departments achieve radical change in austerity era

1:15 “A pound spent in the cloud is worth ten spent anywhere else.”

2:10 Cloud Store will continue to improve

3:33 Users can experiment with G-Cloud before buying

4:20 Use cases will prompt discussion, encouraging skeptical or new users