G-Cloud has opened up opportunities for SME suppliers to provide services into government – in a way that was never before thought possible.

Dennis sat down with Phil Dawson, CEO of Skyscape, at Think G-Cloud 2013 in London, to talk about his company’s experience on a newly leveled playing field.

So far, so good, reports Phil, noting that Skyscape just won one of the biggest deals on the cloud store – a contract with the Home Office to provide the Disclosure and Barring Agency with infrastructure and service. As Dennis points out, it’s a deal that Skyscape wouldn’t have been able to get in a market previously controlled by the likes of IBM and HP. Another of the old Catch 22s? Being required to prove that you’d delivered on a previous contract, even if you’d delivered badly. The cloud store eliminates that chicken-egg mentality.

Does the cloud introduce or reduce risk? Phil says it comes down to more of a risk-management approach, which is about understanding the company and the risk that’s being taken on. And you can hedge your supply base, signing up with a primary and secondary supplier, switching between the two with relative ease. As for security concerns, Phil says there are strong criteria in place, with a government offshoot assessing whether a company is qualified to handle data at various impact levels.

So, even an SME can make it in G-Cloud? Judging by the Skyscape story, there are opportunities to be had.

Show Notes

:37 Skyscape’s win: project details

1:17 The deal wouldn’t have happened without the cloud store arrangement

2:40 Cloud model lowers financial-test bar and removes historic performance burden

3:12 G-Cloud allows for better risk management, not necessarily more or less risk

4:08 Security standards assigned based on data impact level

5:08 SMEs can make it in G-Cloud