The cloud enables a new way of buying. But what does that mean to procurement organizations?

With Dennis behind the camera at Think G-Cloud 2013 in London, a trio of panelists — Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director of Memset, Justin Bowser, Managing Director of HTK and Myles Scholfield, Commercial & Contracts Manager of Detra — discuss issues for both government buyers and suppliers.

Justin starts things off by explaining that, with G-Cloud, buyers and government departments can talk freely — without disadvantaging anyone. Kate adds that the culture has to look at new ways of assessing risk, ensuring against failure while providing resilience. (And as opposed to suing somebody if something goes wrong.) And Myles addresses a new groundswell of change, pointing out that it all goes back to making sure that there are appropriate contracts in place – which enables the delivery of better services.

The panelists mix it up a bit, covering various metrics for SME-friendly procurement, whether CIOs need to know IT (they do), whether disaggregation has been overdone and two-sided access for governments and markets. And, yes, the fact that Bespoke is officially dead.

Show Notes

:21 Justin: G-Cloud and the new way of buying

1:10 Kate: Assessing risk means ensuring against failure while providing resilience

2:04 Myles: Putting appropriate contracts in place enables delivery of better services

3:11 Using specialized metrics to measure SME-friendly procurement

4:20 CIOs must understand IT; don’t go overboard with disaggregation

5:41 Old procurement approaches are losing ground

6:21 Government needs access to free markets, and vice-versa