Yes, HANA and beer can make for a good mix.

Jon recently caught up with Omer Agiv, CEO of WeissBeerger Ltd, who made the trip from Israel to Sapphire Now 2013 in Orlando. His goal? To share an alcohol analytics solution, powered by the SAP HANA startup program, which gives real-time value to customers and breweries. And that has big names in the brewing industry climbing on board.

Omer explains that off-trade markets like supermarkets are easier for breweries to analyze. For bars and restaurants, breweries only know how many kegs were sold in a month – not which of four taps is flowing faster. Enter WeissBeerger’s alcohol analytics solution. Small sensors are physically placed on draft beer lines, each recording every drop. Consumption data is then sent to a brewery-side dashboard – enabling control of marketing, dynamic pricing and even the quality of the beer.

HANA’s role? It’s easier to get a foot in the door with SAP propping it open. HANA also has a lot of features that can save startups work, Omer says, citing the graphic design platform. WeissBeerger’s biggest appeal is focused promotion efforts. “Smart taps” could allow breweries to run a prize contest among all of the bars in one city from, say, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. And there’s more value: breweries now have the ability to affect consumption, not just analyze it after the fact.

The guys talk about adoption, with some of the bigger names in Europe signing on – a healthy sign, especially in a conservative industry. On the tech side, Jon notes that WeissBeerger is using the HANA One cloud-based option, with the possibility of other licensing options depending on the scale.

Show Notes

:54 Sensors physically placed on tap lines deliver consumption data to breweries

2:40 Doors to new clients opened using SAP’s reputation

3:26 SAP persuaded conservative brewing industry, wary of new ideas, to sign on

4:16 HANA builds the whole platform for startups like this one

5:11 Without the need to gather huge data, WeissBerger used HANA more for analytics

5:50 Omer’s solution more about focused promotions – like real time selling contests

6:48 Big names climbing on board, even in this conservative industry

7:17 Omer’s solution uses HANA One, with licensing available upon scaling

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.