Dennis continues his discussion with Tamas Szirtes, a partner at Intenzz, to learn more about the future of mobile applications – this time in retail and health products. What Dennis found has broad implications.

Tamas says that SAP itself is very busy with new solutions for retail, an industry where the consumer experience has to be perfect – not second rate. It’s critical to remember that end-user consumers aren’t the typical SAP user. As an example, Tamas describes one of their apps for health care..

The mobile app, which runs on top of HANA XS, is aimed at people with special needs – from marathon runners to those looking for relief from allergies. The app provides product recommendations, and also has cross-selling capacities. And while Intenzz happens to be in the Netherlands, there’s nothing Dutch-specific about the app.

Given that the customer has established buying patterns, which the retailer can use for making product recommendations, Dennis notes that the app really amounts to “Shopping as a Real Service.” That could have furtherl impact down the line, possibly tying in to logistics systems.

As for the future of mobile retail apps on HANA, Tamas says that things will start to get interesting once people start looking beyond HANA’s basic capabilities.

Show Notes

:26 Retail apps are about end-user consumers, not the typical SAP user

1:04 Intenzz’s health/retail app, running on HANA XS, is for people with special needs

2:53 There’s nothing Dutch-specific about the app; it’s useful in other markets

3:03 App offers “Shopping as a Real Service,” which could be tied into logistics

4:11 Future of mobile apps gets interesting once people see beyond HANA’s basic features

In our other video shoot with Tamas, he demonstrates several additional HANA apps Intenzz has built. With a number of HANA apps in progress, Tamas also identified a need to monitor HANA instances 24/7.  So Intenzz created the “HANA Control Center on Mobile.” Built on the NetWeaver Cloud, the apps allows a company to monitor HANA processes 24/7, from any connected location.

Building the app on the NetWeaver Cloud had significant advantages. For one, functionality is easy to extend – no additional licensing is required for the vast majority of HANA customers who have a Java stack in house. For SAP Portal customers, the app is easy to create and manage, because Portal customers already have the knowledge as well as the support procedures in place.

During the demo, Tamas runs through the app’s main features, which monitor areas such as CPU, Memory, Users, Tables, Alerts, Connections, Admin Contacts and Documentation:

Demo Notes

:24 A mobile HANA Control Center lets users monitor processes at any time

1:48 Tamas runs through the main functions and options

3:47 App is easy to manage with a NetWeaver Portal

4:11 Future of mobile apps gets interesting – once people see beyond HANA’s basic features

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.