When customers have trouble finding or accessing data, it might be time to call in the process miners.

Bastian Nominacher, Co-CEO of Celonis, sat down with the JD-OD Team at Sapphire NOW 2013 in Orlando.  The vital stats: With about 15% in cost savings, translating into potential millions of dollars, process mining pays off.

More than aggregated analytics, Bastian’s solution drills down into every process, uncovering digital traces that sometimes hamper key functions like procurement and invoicing. The HANA advantage? Celonis has been able to build better and more scalable solutions that also offer easier data integration.

In fact, with support from SAP, Bastian’s engineering team was able to complete integration in 2 to 3 months. Could he have used any other database than HANA, Jon asks? Not really, Bastian says. At least, not one that would give them the ability to push data in real time and scale it out.

The guys talk about the SAP HANA startup program, including SAP’s involvement on both the technical and market-enabling sides, which makes for a great spirit among program participants. With most of his customers of the large enterprise variety, Bastian expects that it might take a while to close some deals. How many live HANA customers would he like to have by this time next year? Given plans for U.S. expansion, around 20 to 25.

Show Notes

:44 Process mining increases compliance and efficiencies

1:29 Drilling down on processes reveals specific problems

1:50 2-3 month integration confirmed HANA as the only database of choice

3:35 Process mining can shave costs by 15%, potentially saving millions

4:18 Tech and market-side support from SAP a big plus

5:14 Forecast: 20 to 25 HANA customers a year from now

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.