Elhay Farkash, CEO of Lightapp Technologies, made the trip to Sapphire NOW 2013 Orlando all the way from his home base of Israel. His mission: meet customers who use his HANA-driven solution.

Elhay sat down with the JD-OD team to share how HANA helps Lightapap’s existing solution became a part of the SAP HANA startup program. The analytics-based solution, Elhay explains, mainly focuses on energy management for industrial manufacturing – companies that produce food and beverages, metals, plastics, etc. The problem? These companies use significant amounts of electricity, gas, fuel oils, water and wastewater.

The value add comes from companies who previously monitored those consumption quarterly switching to tracking those processes in real time. Jon notes that that makes a real difference, and is a good reason for HANA to enter the picture. Elhay agrees, adding that HANA enables Lightapp to do “a lot of fast work over a lot of data in real time,” especially for customers who are already using various SAP systems.

The guys switch gears to focus on Lightapp’s growth strategy, which Elhay views as a supply-and-demand chain issue. The plan is simple: Start all the way down at the demand end, with energy consumers, and work upward to the distributors and manufacturers of the energy itself, including utilities.

Bottom line? Elhay estimates that their current customer benchmark for energy-cost reduction is anywhere from 5% to 14%. And they’re working to get it higher. It’s all about measureable results for the customer, and making good connections with potential partners. A piece of good, old-fashioned networking, Jon notes, that never goes out of style – even in a HANA world.

Show Notes

:28 Elhay traveled from Israel to meet customers using his HANA solution

1:01 Lightapp helps customers manage energy data streams, reducing consumption and costs

1:43 Using HANA, Lightapp can offer this information in real time, instead of periodically

2:16 Natural integration with SAP systems speeds up deployment of their solution

3:12 Growth plan is to work up the supply chain from consumers to energy producers

4:09 Current benchmark for energy-cost reduction via the solution ranges from 5% to 14%

4:49 Networking never goes out of style

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.