It’s almost impossible to comprehend big data by manually looking at records. Machines are needed to identify patterns, including recurring ones, so that people can use their business skills to take action.

That’s more than a logical approach, according to Volkmar Uhlig, Chief Technology Officer of Hstreaming. It’s also good business. Volkmar, whose startup won the award for Best Big Data Solution at the SAP Startup event in Boston, sat down with Jon to talk about how Hstreaming can better help advertisers reach the right customers – among an estimated 100 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.

The amount of data involved means that SAP HANA could stand to play a major role. Business people want to make informed decisions in a very short period of time, using existing infrastructure. So what does Hstreaming think of HANA so far? Volkmar sees HANA as an opportunity to distill real-time data from video, audio and advertising behavior.  Connecting with SAP through the startup event, says Volkmar, proved helpful in seeing how to integrate data into Hstreaming’s existing processes.

Show Notes

:39 On being awarded Best Big Data Solution

1:18 In the world of big data, reading patterns trumps analyzing individual records

2:03 Using machines to analyze patterns makes efficient use of resources

2:49 Hstreaming helps advertisers place their ads in front of the right customers

4:15 Enabling security concerns to react in real time

4:50 HANA could help Hstreaming fully integrate data into an existing business process

5:56 Startup event offers the chance to connect with SAP’s knowledge of business processes

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.