Car parking might seem the last application upon which to give the SAP HANA  treatment. But that’s exactly what Intenzz is doing.

Dennis paid a visit to the company’s offices in Soesterberg, Netherlands, to learn more about the parking app directly from Tamas Szirtes, a partner at the Intenzz – an SAP consulting firm specializing in mobile, HANA and business intelligence.

The challenge, Tamas says, was to make an app that would go beyond a simple transaction. He wanted one that would improve the customer experience. Example: allow parking operators to become brokers and re-sell each other’s spots. And, for the user, provide the ability to find a spot on the phone, reserve it and get directions/navigation to the location. The app can even help you find your car if you’ve forgotten where you parked it. Editor: something Jon would have found useful in Sapphire Now Orlando. 

HANA’s in-memory computing handles all of the data – the number of cars on the prowl, available parking spots and scheduling of nearby events. Predictive analyses can be used to prepare for parking patterns or to set and change prices. The system could recommend a cheaper area of the neighborhood to park, or offer personalized offers for events like after-theater dinners. As Dennis puts it: “This is way beyond ‘I want to park my bloody car.’”

Show Notes

1:02 Intenzz focuses on the possible combinations of separate technologies

1:49 Tamas describes the firm’s parking app – built to improve the customer experience

3:29 HANA’s in-memory power helps with predictive analyses of parking patterns – and prices

5:10 Combining innovative apps and HANA tech requires out-of-the-box thinking

After the interview, Tamas walked Dennis through three of the Intenzz apps in this bonus footage.

First up is a Travel Portal, running on the HANA cloud. Travel Portal was built in a couple of hours using a drag-and-drop interface. Some back-end coding is needed – making this particular app a joint effort between a business person and a developer.

The second app is for launching products. In this case, a new beer that a brewery wants to bring to market. This app, a mobile front end for trade promotions, can be easily created with no need for back-end integration:

Demo Notes

:23 A Travel Portal created on the SAP cloud platform – user friendly for tech-minded

1:50 Some back-end coding needed to connect mobile data to the on-site enterprise system

2:51 Back-end users can update info as, say, company travel policies change

3:29 Cloud platform allows for drag-and-drop design, with coding added by developers

4:27 Second app – a mobile trade promotion tool, easily built, that sells beer

5:38 HANA, SAP Business Suite and analytics run on the back end, straight off the cloud

Tamas also takes Dennis through a parking app with HANA potential.  Going screen by screen, Tamas enters his destination information and asks the app to find nearby parking facilities that have available spaces. Once safely pulled into his reserved spot, Tamas taps another icon to set the meter running. If he forgets exactly where his car is parked, a My Car menu provides reverse directions back to the space.  That’s just a start, says Tamas. The use of HANA will enable much more data – which, in turn, could give rise to nifty predictive scenarios:

Demo #2 Notes

:25 Entering address info calls up available parking facilities, sortable by location and price

1:23 Choosing a facility returns options for reserving a space, and info on rates and hours

2:06 Navigation and Park options get you there and start the meter running

3:20 The My Car option provides return directions to where you parked your car

3:38 Next iteration will include more options, such as offers from neighborhood businesses

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.