ExpertIG sought to solve one key business problem with their mobile app: tracking orders at the enterprise level – using real-time data.

Steven Crooke, Mobility Practice Leader at ExpertIG, met with the JD-OD Team at Sapphire NOW 2013  to explain how his company’s tracking app, called My Orders, got plugged into the SAP ecosystem.

While the process of building the app took time, the overall result has been a success. The main challenge? Convincing customers where the app adds value. That means communicating the business case: the app eliminates much of the cost around customer service, as well as the potentially frustrating call to the service desk. It also gives the customer real-time anywhere access from the palm of their hand.

The app’s biggest commercial challenge lies less in selling the app’s features and more in getting the word out that the app exists. As for gaining customer trust, the partnership and certification with SAP has alleviated a lot of questions that might otherwise be raised.

Show Notes

:48 My Orders app solves one business problem: Tracking orders at enterprise level

2:35 App reduces customer service costs and provides real-time anywhere access

3:36 Biggest commercial challenge to the app’s success? Raising awareness

4:37 SAP certification provides comfort level that customers need

5:45 ExpertIG’s 2013 goal: to become SAP’s mobile partner of choice

In our demo shoot, Steven shows Jon how it all works:

Demo Notes

:24 My Orders app allows customers to track orders at enterprise level

:44 Dashboard uses color-coded icons to group and show status of all orders

1:55 Notification icons also use color scheme to prioritize action items

3:04 Bookmarking a problem order offers one more way to minimize supply chain disruptions

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.