Mobile challenges continue to abound, says “Mr. Mobile” himself, John Moy, co-founder of BlueT. And there’s no easy path to a successful solution. If there were, everyone would be there by now.

Dennis caught up with John at the Mastering SAP Technologies 2013 to get a better feel for what’s changed on the enterprise mobile landscape. And, just as importantly, what’s gotten more complicated. In this two-for-one video special, John gives an update on his own startup and explains why enterprise mobile development is picking up.  He also gives his view on how SAP’s investment in its own mobile community is going.

This year, as opposed to the uncertainties of last year, John sees much more mobile activity. Some customers are in the midst of building apps; others are actively looking for options around platform. Given the state of play, John advises action over discussion: First, look at the wealth of business logic that’s encapsulated in your enterprise system. Then, unlock that logic so it can be tapped into a  multi-channel context, not just a mobile one. Oh, and prepare to be disrupted by the quick evolution of UI technologies.

Show Notes

:57 John’s startup update

1:47 Mobile challenges are everywhere

2:40 Compared to last year’s uncertainty,, John sees more activity this year

3:33 SAP’s investment in the community is bringing more innovation

4:03 Some customers are actively building apps; others looking for options around platforms

4:52 Proliferation of platforms amounts to “a real dog’s breakfast”

6:07 John’s advice: tap into the wealth of business logic in your system first

6:35 The evolving landscape of UI technologies.

For the second video shoot, John talks about the cool mobile apps he saw at Mastering SAP Technologies. John tells Dennis about having previously attended an Apple for Enterprise workshop in Melbourne, where the Apple rep said that the best enterprise they’d seen had been developed by game developers.

People are thinking fundamentally differently, Dennis adds, which means that the coolest apps aren’t necessarily coming from the usual places. The guys talk about the possibility of 2013-2014 being the year when things begin to take off in mobile. John thinks SAP is on the right path, in terms of where these trends are headed. If SAP’s plans come to fruition, there should be a very good story to tell:

:35 John’s seen quite a few cool new mobile apps of late

1:08 The  best developers aren’t found in the usual places

2:30 John’s view of SAP’s mobile progress

3:31 Mobile apps are moving fast – skills can become outdated very quickly

4:04 If SAP’s plans come to fruition, there should be a very good story to tell

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.