Sounds surreal? Not at all. This is a real-world use case for SAP mobile technology that could have a significant impact on farming.

At the Mastering SAP Technologies 2013 in Melbourne, Australia, Dennis sat down with Sarat Atluri, a Polyglot Developer, who says he’s trying to mix technology with the needs of the farmer. Especially when it comes to helping manage cattle – whether it’s containment to a certain area or quarantining animals when they’re ill. Sarat also wants to help farmers automatically implement safe evacuation plans in times of emergency, such as during a flood or bush fire. As it stands, that’s all being done manually.

Another possible role for mobile technology? Replace the high cost of physical fencing –which can sometime extend over thousands of hectares of farmland – with automated devices, an option that’s become more viable as the devices get smaller and cheaper. Devices in Africa currently manage grazing in ways that keep the landscape sustainable – a possible option for Australian farmers.

The guys talk about Sarat’s choice of Android-based tech — chosen for its openness as well as for devices that keep getting more compact – and where SAP fits into the mix. As Sarat sees it, given the robustness and reliability of SAP’s software, moving to the NetWeaver Cloud environment guarantees connectivity from anywhere on the globe.

Show Notes

:33 Mixing technology with the farmer

1:07 Automation solves farming problems now being handled manually

2:14 Grazing devices being used in African countries help keep the landscape sustainable

3:14 Sarat wants to remotely push the data into the device – no more manual entry

4:00 Android platform chosen for openness and compact device sizes

4:27 Using NetWeaver Cloud provides needed connectivity from anywhere

Sarat also gave Den a product walk through:

:22 Sarat demonstrates how to draw a fence on the screen and add cows to the enclosure

2:39 A buzzing noise tells a device-equipped cow to stay within established boundaries

4:00 Using a smartphone app to find a missing cow

5:07 Sarat weighs various options for telling a missing cow to return home

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.