What to do with a “green font” problem — as in, resource management software that is 17 years old? Make a big change, that’s what.

The JD-OD team sat down with Daniel Gerster, Principal and CIO of Roland Berger, at Sapphire NOW 2013 to find out what motivated the worldwide consulting form to settle on SAP Business ByDesign from among 80 competitors.

Daniel says that the company was initially thinking on-premise install – that’s why there were 80 solutions to evaluate. Once they started kicking tires,  the cloud ERP solutions stood out. Why cloud? It all starts with flexibility, according to Daniel – meaning with cloud software, you buy only the number of seats you need, but you can easily scale up. Second, there’s speed of implementation. As Daniel explains, by going cloud they could let the IT experts be the tech experts while the consultants continue consulting. Lastly, new features, updates and functionality automatically updated every quarter beats old, over-customized software anytime.

Daniel emphasizes that his company was really looking for an integrated solution, with all of the standard processes in one system. In Roland Berger’s evaluation, ByDesign emerged as the only ready-to-use cloud solution offering those benefits. With a successful proof of concept successfully conclude this spring,  the company plans to have offices in the first three countries productive on ByD this Fall.

Show Notes

:48 Roland Berger is a strategy consulting firm: 2,700 employees in 36 countries and 51 offices

1:28 Company’s data stored in several systems; some software was 17 years old

2:44 SAP’s cloud solution was chosen from among some 80 competitors

4:10 ByDesign offered benefits that allowed the company to focus on what it does best

6:17 ByDesign distinguishes itself as the only really ready-to-use cloud solution

7:14 Rollout objective is for the first three countries to be productive this fall