Molson Coors is a household name in the U.S., with a strong presence in Canada and Europe, as well. Lately, though, the beer maker has upped its focus on growing its Asian markets, specifically those in Japan, India and China. However, that expansion posted ERP rollout challenges.

David Stanbridge, IT Portfolio Manager for Molson Coors International Europe, sat down with the JD-OD team at Sapphire NOW 2013 to talk about how SAP Business ByDesign turned out to be the right fit for the company’s growth plans in Asia.

David says that it became clear that a  full-on SAP ERP approach was too complex  for their smaller Asian deployments. Given that the strategy from a corporate perspective is SAP,  it was a natural choice to look at other SAP offerings. Another key selling point? ByDesign’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance component.

The first rollout, which took place in India earlier this year, took three months to implement from end to end. Yes, some folks were a bit resistant to moving off the spreadsheets they are used to, but planning for change is always a factor with new software implementations. Lesson learned: upcoming rollouts in China and Japan are expected to take advantage of more classroom-based training, especially since a number of the finance people there speak only Chinese.

Beyond compliance and integration, David believes there is just as much benefit to be had around growth. Given ByDesign’s capacity to quickly add new users, as well as its scalability, David gives a positive verdict on Molson’s ByDesign installs to date.

Show Notes

:41 ByDesign fits with the company’s growth plans for Japan, India and China

1:18 With the corporate perspective being SAP, ByDesign was a logical option

2:37 Sarbanes-Oxley compliance aspect another ByDesign benefit

3:08 First rollout in India took two or three months to implement

3:45 Some people hesitant to move off spreadsheets

4:24 Upcoming China and Japan rollouts will likely use some classroom-type training

5:15 ByDesign’s scalability and growth potential the right fit for the company’s needs