A year ago, Basis became one of 10 companies in the SAP HANA startup program. Prior to Sapphire Now 2013, Dennis stopped by their UK office for an update.

Basis Technologies is developing applications for the energy utility industry that help those businesses optimize profit through pro-active customer management. During this  filming, Dennis talks with Craig Oliver, Product Manager at Basis Technologies’  Richmond, Surrey offices.

Craig reports that the product – PCI (Predictive Customer Insight) – has been expanded to predict a “propensity to call” and a “propensity to complain” – so that utilities can focus their efforts on reducing customer complaints in a predictive way. Regulators, after all, rank utilities based on the number of complaints received. And government funds decrease as a utility’s ranking falls.

Net-net: using PCI (powered by HANA)  to predict, and thereby reduce, customer complaints will improve regulator standing. Craig notes that the product has been further extended to help to understand the value a customer has – including profits generated versus the amount of resources used to care for the customer’s needs.

The guys talk about PCI’s ability to optimize customer profiles, as well as the HANA startup program. Working with the utilities teams at SAP, Craig says, is “going quite well”. The company’s next steps? Keep expanding the product. And get it into customers’ hands for use. Bonus footage: check out our 2012 demo shoot with Basis Technologies.

Show Notes

:47 Craig explains how PCI (Predictive Customer Insight) works

1:32 PCI has expanded to include capabilities that ultimately reduce customer complaints

2:09 Reducing complaints boosts a utility’s regulator standing

3:05 PCI also calculates a customer’s value: profits vs. resources used

4:01 Working with the utilities teams at SAP

4:36 Next steps? Expand the product and build use cases

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.