When Aasonn started in 2006, every solution they offered was cloud-based – except for financials. Now, that’s in the cloud, too.

Allen Peterson, CEO of Aasonn, talked with the JD-OD team at Sapphire NOW 2013 about the recent decision to go with Cloud for Financials (formerly known as Financials OnDemand).

Allen says the functionality of Financials OnDemand and SAP’s product roadmap, played major roles in the decision. So was being able to integrate other SAP products, such as Cloud for Travel. The ability of those two programs to natively talk to each other solved a couple of the Aasonn’s problems – and was also a key part of their decision to move to cloud.

How have customers taken to sharing Aasonn’s vision? Allen says that, with everyone concerned about marketing terms like ROI, Quick Time to Value and Easy to Consume, the latter has been answered very quickly. With ROI and Quick Time to Value, the proof is in the doing: Aasonn was able to get its system in and up in three months, including multi-org, multi-currency and multi-country.

But is the cloud secure? And can it scale? With 1,500 customers in 30 countries over the last 6 years (4,500 projects), Aasonn can look to its own experience. As Peterson sees it, cloud is a secure solution. When you add in ease-of-access and scaleability, it’s a persuasive option for many customers. In Peterson’s experience, cloud security is almost always greater than on-premise security.

Show Notes

:39 Aasonn went all-cloud when starting up in 2006, and recently moved financials there

1:14 SAP’s commitment and product roadmap key to Aasonn’s cloud decision

1:51 Aasonn aimed for a pain-free integration, and got a good result

2:17 Native integration of other SAP products was a big factor

2:58 Multi-org, multi-currency and multi-country was live in 3 months

3:59 Aasonn’s cloud pitch: “Work anywhere from everywhere”

4:41 Cloud security almost always greater than on-premise security