Jon keeps rattling on about why HANA should be about more than speed. Under certain circumstances, it can significantly change a company’s business model.

For an excellent example, the JD-OD team sat down with Ralph K. Treitz, CEO of VMS AG, at Sapphire NOW 2013 to learn how the HANA startup program has changed VMS’s previous consulting model to more of a self-service one.

He says VMS has been working on the CFO product for a little more than three years. But they have been very limited in how they can deliver the information they’re getting out of the SAP/ERP data to the customer. So when he found out last summer that HANA could help VMS speed up that process tremendously, the company applied to join the SAP HANA startup program and they started coding their product in HANA.

Here’s how it works: VMS develops an application that answers a CFO’s more pressing questions. Such as getting customers to pay faster, increasing working capital;and, reduced capital invested in warehousing. You know – the things that keep CFOs up at night. As Ralph points out, these are the kinds of processing tasks used to take 100 hours or more. But by using HANA, VMS can take that 100-hour task down to 20 or 30 seconds. In turn, this changes the entire process from a delivery model to a self-service model.

The guys talk about the challenges of selling the VMS solution to CFOs, a notoriously skeptical bunch. Ralph says that by working with a pilot group of 5 to 10 charter companies, he’s been able to differentiate his solution’s features with CFOs. As for future growth, with some go-to-market support from SAP, Ralph thinks VMS should add up to a HANA success story sooner rather than later.

Show Notes

:40 VMS develops an application that answers some of CFO’s pressing questions

1:19 HANA Startup program has helped VMS deliver data significantly faster

2:03 VMS, using HANA, can reduce a 100-hour task to a 20- or 30-second one

2:56 More than about speed, HANA changes a consulting model to a self-service one

3:36 Working with 5 or 10 pilot customers provides info to convince doubtful CFOs

4:37 Intrigued CFOs are investing time, which is worth more than money

5:09 Hot topics among CFOs these days are DSO and stock

5:48 VMS is reviving a longtime SAP topic – integration — in unique fashion

6:18 How VMS will grow from here

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.