This isn’t your mother’s CRM. What do we have instead? Solutions that are adopted by 90% of the sales force – nearly triple the rate of the average CRM toolkit.

Garth Hamilton, SVP for Strategy and Delivery at Liquid Analytics, sat down with the JD-OD team at Sapphire NOW 2013 to provide insight into why salespeople in the field have adopted Liquid’s CRM at such high percentages compared to the norm. He also talks about how Liquid’s approach to CRM, enabled by SAP HANA, helps to transform sales reps from order takers into trusted business partners.

Garth explains that Liquid decided to build a holistic tool set that goes after a day in the life of the sales rep. Liquid’s product can tell a tablet-carrying rep when certain customers need a re0stock in real-time, down the specific item numbers. By turning a five-minute appointment into one minute of order-taking and four minutes of business talk, the rep adds value both to the customer and the company.

And because Liquid has built the app to enable the salesperson’s day, and not as a management app, adoption levels have come in on the high end. The product is built on top of the SAP Mobile Platform, and uses HANA One to drive the real-time analytics, with options for on-premises or cloud management. With thousands of users already, Garth says it’s a matter of doubling and tripling in scale to get to critical mass. One challenge: Getting the stuff that Liquid offers on executives’ radar screens – a classic marketing problem.

Demo Notes

:55 Moving from order takers to trusted business partners

1:57 Real-time order management

3:17 Streamlining order process strengthens customer relationhips

4:04 Adoption levels are  nearly triple the CRM average

4:51 Combining mobility, analytics/big data and cloud

6:11 Getting Liquid’s solution on executives’ radar

With the Liquid Decisions app, a sales rep does more than just walk into a customer’s business and asking which of his 20,000 items are needed – predictive analytics show the specific items and quantities that the business likely needs to restock its shelves.

Garth Hamilton, SVP for Strategy and Delivery at Liquid Analytics, shows Jon how the app enables sales reps while they’re in the field, real-time:

Show Notes

:18 Liquid Decisions dashboard uses map and pins to communicate customer issues

1:07 Goals screen uses predictive analytics to help reps meet periodic goals

1:53 Tapping restock icon shows CRM-style information about the business

2:19 RapidOrder function IDs products and quantities that customers should need, right now

2:55 Predictive analytics also generate a Recommended Products page

3:28 App verifies quantities against warehouse stocks, checks credit and confirms order

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.