When it comes to the needs of manufacturers and SMEs, NetSuite recently announced expanded solutions that look promising – if some challenges can be overcome.

While attending the NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 conference in San Jose, CA, Dennis sat down with Frank Scavo, CEO of Computer Economics, to talk about NetSuite’s attempts to meet manufacturers’ needs in a cloud ERP solution. They also riff on NetSuite’s multi-books solution, which brings new international accounting capabilities. But what are the cost/benefit tradeoffs?

One of the conference’s big announcements centered on a partnership with Autodesk, which is integrating their cloud-based PLM system with NetSuite. One of the issues in manufacturing companies is that engineers already have PLM or CAD systems that they’re very comfortable with. As it turns out, with a couple of the companies that Frank talked to, they’re already doing integration with other PDM (product data management) systems. The Autodesk Fusion 360 product does a lot more than that. It’s used for ideation, requirements gathering – the whole lifecycle of product development.  But is it ahead of what most NetSuite customers need now? Frank gives his take.

The guys switch gears to talk SMEs and multi-books, which in theory would help SMEs to move upmarket by helping them maintain multiple sets of books in different currencies. Frank is concerned about, 1) the price of the application; and, 2) the footprint size. It’s a fine line to balance global functionality with price and ease of implementation. Frank and Den think the success of multi-books  might come down to NetSuite’s partners.  Bottom line:  there are a lot of other cloud-based entrants out there eager to fit the bill. Which, Dennis and Frank agree, is good for customers.

Show Notes

:30 NetSuite announces expanded functionality for manufacturing

1:06 The manufacturing solution builds out from the core

2:20 Partnership with Autodesk’s Fusion 360 product will fit very well with NetSuite

4:26 Multi-book accounting product looks promising

6:03 Competition from other cloud-based entrants is good for customers