Getting started on HANA is a matter of signing on to a system and investing a couple of days to go through some basic training. Or so says two guys who should know: SAP rock stars and SAP Mentors Thomas Jung, and Rich Heilman. Thomas and Rich are both knee deep in HANA work inside of SAP and Dennis got the latest on video.

As the guys explain,  practically anyone can get up and moving. Tom says that those who use the program 24/7 can incur needless bandwidth charges. The system that Tom and Rich use to run intensive workshops, though, runs for less than $100 a month. Users can bid for bandwidth on Amazon – Thomas recently ran an entire afternoon session for less than a dollar. Bottom line? You can get started for the first 30 days on basically nothing.

Need more resources? Rich and Thomas have placed 14 HANA development exercises in video format, explaining everything from points A to Z. Basic training involves five hours’ worth of video, with an expanded course, expected to launch at Sapphire time, adding even more content.


Show Notes

:51  Initial startup costs, for 30 days, amount to zero

1:29  Tom’s costs run less than $100/month; he saves by bidding on unused bandwidth

3:07  Rich and Tom’s program, including 14 exercises, ushers users from points A to Z

4:17  Basic training is five hours’ worth of video; expanded course will have 12 hours’ worth

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.