Products break and have faults – roughly 5% occur after they’re sold and up to 25% occur within the factory gates. Worldwide, manufacturing faults are estimated to cost companies a staggering $1.3 trillion.

Dan Somers, CEO, Warwick Analytics, explains to Dennis that his company’s approach to solving this expensive problem hinges on data. Lots of data, and the more reliable the better. His company’s proprietary algorithms work best in industries where data is plentiful: electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace. That’s especially true for companies that have live data and can test every product that goes out the door.

Because Dan’s solution is aimed at real-time results, it requires a huge amount of computational power. That makes HANA the perfect partner because HANA works in real time and provides highly reliable results. As a member of the HANA Startup Program, Warwick eventually became a fully-fledged SAP partner.

According to Dan, pairing up HANA with Warwick’s algorithms yields significant ROI. Net-net: companies utilizing Warwick’s HANA application could look forward to a low-cost future, or redeployment of resources, or make additional money while at the same time producing better and safer products.

Show Notes

:22 Warwick Analytics seeks to find the root causes of manufacturing defects

1:44 Manufacturing faults cost companies $1.3 trillion annually

2:39 Warwick uses data, not more engineers, to propose a quick-fix solution

4:29 Dan’s approach works best in industries where data is plentiful

5:28 Part of Warwick’s magic lies in cleaning up algorithms, because real-world data is dirty

6:22 HANA is the perfect partner because it works in real time

7:28 Why pairing up HANA with Warwick’s algorithms provides significant ROI

8:28 What parts of the process can Warwick’s solution assess?

9:26 Dan has proven his concept, and is now working with several customers

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.