Is radio a dead format? Far from it, according to Daniel Mruk, CEO – Bear Clan Studios, whose signature product, WaveSnap, seeks to deliver contextually relevant ads inside radio shows, disintermediating the old actuary model.

Daniel, whose Kansas-based startup won an award for Most Innovative Solution at the SAP Startup Forum in Boston, tells Jon that his business places a sound barcode advertisement into music – a process they call “WaveSnapping”. As people listen to the radio, they earn points and rewards that are redeemable for offers. The most valuable currency is time, says Daniel. “So if you’re spending time doing something, why not get something back?”

By harnessing the power of individual data points, WaveSnap essentially says to radio stations, “This is the kind of music your target demographic is listening to, and these are the kinds of products they want.” Daniel also shares his plans to move the tech to television – just as soon as it’s proved itself reliable on the radio side of things.

Though he still needs to evaluate SAP HANA with his developers, Daniel says that HANA might be the right platform to handle things, especially as the company scales. With 2 or 3 seconds amounting to a lifetime from a consumer’s point of view, the most attractive HANA features for WaveSnap would be real-time capabilities and multiple data sources. With speed not very far behind.


Show Notes

:43 On being awarded Most Innovative Solution at SAP HANA Forum

1:11 WaveSnapping involves putting a sound barcode advertisement into music

1:42 Each radio listener is its own data point

2:23 The tech tells you what people are listening to and the products they want

3:00 Radio is the proving ground for moving the technology to television

3:35 HANA might be the right platform to handle things as the company scales

4:31 HANA features most attractive to Daniel are real-time and multiple data sources

5:06 Real-time is critical: 2 or 3 second difference is a lifetime in consumer’s eyes

5:23 WaveSnap is upgrading radio to the modern era, doing away with old processes

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.