It’s little use investing gobs of money in software suites if users aren’t held accountable for their performance. Dan Barton, chief of the new startup, Consulting Sapphire, talks over his approach to bridging that gap with Dennis in Owestry, UK, near the Welsh border. Dan’s new company seeks to make SAP projects accountable with the objective of reducing failure.

Especially given the squeezed margins of the U.K. food and beverage center, Dan says it’s vital that people achieve their ROI. To that end, his company covers four areas: Strategy and Governance (business case tracking); SAP Clinics (recommendations for technical architecture); SAP Resources; and, SAP Support. With his years of experience in this area, Dan takes a pragmatic and realistic view because he’s felt the pain of delivering the business case.

It’s not enough to present a good business case. Tracking and understanding the actual numbers involved means you’re going to learn for the next time what went wrong – and, eventually, avoid pitfalls before they happen. As Dan puts it, “There’s nothing like a bit of pain to sharpen the mind.”


Show Notes

0:45 Consulting Sapphire helps small- and middle-sized businesses get their ROI on SAP

2:24 Tracking the value chain and re-tooling business cases for success

3:34 People are accountable for delivering projects and accurate numbers

4:10 Tracking numbers and closing gaps are the keys to ROI on SAP

4:35 Closing the gaps on business cases is an area to exploit

5:27 “There’s nothing like a bit of pain to sharpen the mind”