The massive amount of data being created today doesn’t necessarily have the right structure for analysis. Nor does it easily fit into an existing schema or relational table. Hadoop-savvy companies (like Hadapt) have been able to take the Apache Hadoop open-source product and do some nifty things with parallel programming. The opportunity? Fortune 500 companies that are itching to give their analysts access to that data with some easy-to-use Hadoop front ends.

At the SAP HANA Startup Forum in Boston, Scott Howser, VP Marketing at Hadapt, tells Jon that it’s all about getting those Hadoop-enabled tools into the hands of the masses. By enabling SQL for Hadoop, and also embedding a relational database, Scott says that Hadapt is giving its customers a competitive advantage that – up until recently – has been restricted to companies with an ample supply of PhDs and quants.

The guys talk about Hadapt’s current customer focus of fraud detection for financial services ,as well as enhancements they are pursuing for Consumer Behavior Analytics (CBA). Scott says that Hadapt’s CBA work has attempted to use information like click-throughs and windowing to harvest more granular data about transactional behaviors.

So where might HANA fit into the picture? While Hadapt is still in the tire-kicking stage concerning whether to use HANA, Scott sees several areas of interest. Example? Using HANA to speed the processing of combined transactional and analytics data. Hadapt also has a relational engine that lives inside Hadoop – this could potentially be transitioned to HANA for in-memory database performance.
Show Notes

:40 By using SQL on Hadoop, Hadapt has exposed analysts to the data they need

2:23 Hadapt wants to give everyone a competitive advantage, not just the Quants

3:13 Fraud detection and customer behavior analytics are Hadapt’s current focus areas

4:34 Use of HANA could enhance Hadoop’s relational engine and marry different workloads

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.