The real effect of changing over to a cloud-based accounting system like Xero is not unlike going to a dentist, reports Gavin Waring, CEO of Fresh Numbers. When a client suddenly sees where they’re losing money, or where their weaknesses are, it’s as though a dental probe touches a raw nerve.

Gavin describes to Dennis how he’s gone about changing the internal culture of his accounting firm – which, in turn, has caused his clients to change. Switching to Xero involves looking at the business as a whole rather than the mere bookkeeping aspect of it.

As a result, Gavin has his accountants working toward benchmarking particular industries, and using collective data to help clients. Example: telling a plumber that he’s 5% out on his costs by comparing his numbers with data from 30 other plumbers. That’s just one reason why Gavin is sold on Xero to the point that he would not advise competitors to make a similar switch – because he wants their clients.

Show Notes

:40 Moving to cloud accounting is disruptive – in a good way

2:04 How Gavin guided his internal staff – and clients – through the changes

2:51 Gavin would not advise competitors to go to Xero – because he wants their clients