Professional accountancies are increasingly moving to cloud-based systems like Xero. That doesn’t mean the transition is a simple one. Dipping your toes into the Xero cloud accounting system isn’t enough; you have to dive in. That’s the viewpoint of David McPherson, Principal of McPherson Financial, whose firm has transitioned to Xero.

While chatting in Melbourne, David reports that things have finally fallen into place. The firm’s biggest challenge? Not being able to take on the system in bits and pieces. It’s all about embracing and changing the whole process. Was the change worth it? David reports a 40% increase in revenue over the last 8 months. He’s also been picking up clients he wouldn’t have gotten before – because of increased efficiencies using Xero.

David’s verdict? Despite a significant amount of change and a few growing pains, the move onto Xero amounts to a success story.

Show Notes

:37 Wading in to the Xero cloud system isn’t enough; you have to be “right in”

1:38 After a difficult start, the team has gotten things in place within the last 6 months

2:15 For David, the biggest challenge lies in embracing and changing the whole process

3:09 As systems integration progressed, the team realized they’d get a better result in the end

3:54 By using Xero, David’s revenues have grown by about 40% over the last 8 months

5:08 David’s move to Xero amounts to a success story that bodes well for the future