Accountants don’t want to be accountants anymore, says Lisa Stribely, Director of the Australian accounting firm Hansens. Talking with Dennis from Melbourne, Lisa explains that the new breed of accountant looks and behaves differently from the old-school variety – a point that hits home for Dennis himself, who was once a chartered bean counter back in the day.

Lisa goes on to note that accounting graduates today are effectively saying that they want to be business analysts. They want to have people contact with clients, they want to have genuine positive impact on their clients’ business. As for crunching numbers, they want to utilize tools that create efficiencies. The new tools also provide real-time data visibility, which allows for a new kind of client relationship. And yes, they want the job to be fun – and sexy.

While the debate over these new approaches goes on, Lisa confirms that the new outlook has had a positive impact on her firm’s performance. The implications? The accounting profession is no longer one for shy and retiring types that want to sit in a corner.
Show Notes

:39 Accountants don’t want to be accountants anymore

1:41 Today’s accountants would rather be perceived as business analysts

2:27 How real-time accounting tools enable closer relationships with clients