When the Lotus Formula One Racing Team began evaluating new ERP solutions, they settled on  Microsoft Dynamics AX. Dennis caught up with Phil Kennard, Commercial Manager, Lotus F1, at Microsoft Convergence 2013 to gain some insight into Phil’s successful implementation of AX.

The guys discuss issues with implementing an ERP solution for a racing car team, which, Phil says, is just another company that makes widgets – albeit very fast, very sexy widgets. Due to the specialized nature of F1 resource restrictions – such as competition agreements that dictate which racing teams can use resources like wind tunnels and trap testing – Phil needed a unique solution. One key variable? He needed the ability to see where he stood regarding his usage agreements at the touch of a button. Under the old system, that process would have taken at least three days. As Dennis points out, that’s 2 and a half days too long.

As Phil sees it, the key challenge to adopting a new ERP solution lies in getting user buy-in – not an easy thing when you’re pushing to build race cars. So far, F1 users have responded well to the AX rollout approach.  Dennis and Phil agree to check back in a year for a progress report.

Show Notes

:42 The search to implement a new ERP solution

1:55 Reference checking was key decision making factor

2:29 Phase One implementation: finance, HR and payroll happened

3:28 No margin for error in the race car industry

4:16 2 ½ days saved in process monitoring time

5:26 Driving user adoption of AX

6:29 Team members with AX and other ERP experience helped push the implementation

7:18 The absolute focus required of F1 activities also helped ease the adoption of AX