Paris, France-based Hubwoo, a rising star in the procurement space, is looking to compete with the biggest procurement players by building new alliances. Following a recently announced partnership with Microsoft, Dennis met with Rinus Strydom, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Hubwoo, at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 in New Orleans.

Hubwoo’s strategy is to be the world’s largest open B2B network, without friction on commerce. As Rinus sees it, that’s a fundamentally different approach than Hubwoo’s competition. Hubwoo doesn’t believe that it’s necessary for a business to pay a tax or a toll in order to post an invoice or receive a purchase order. Payment should only be required if the service is truly value-add.

Rinus predicts that 2013 and 2014 will put Hubwoo head-to-head with procurement’s household names. Hubwoo intends to sell into all large enterprise areas while also working closely with Microsoft and their Value Added Reseller (VAR) community. On  top of their existing commerce base, Hubwoo plans to add an influx of community elements, such as ratings and market-place type buying.

Show Notes

:34  Hubwoo’s procurement plans: changing the market

1:29 The Microsoft Alliance

2:19 Subscription and sell-side services

3:39 The  multi-channel strategy

4:13 Taking on competitors of all sizes

4:53 Future product developments

5:37 Getting the message out: replacing  “antiquated systems”