As part of the Mastering SAP Technologies 2013 conference in Melbourne, Dennis met with Gareth Ellem, SAP developer and farmer, to talk about the possibilities of HANA, UI5, mobile and geo for changing the farming game in Australia.

Gareth explains that overseas competition can produce beef stocks more cheaply than their Australian counterparts. Local farmers need to produce a competitive product that will convince Australian consumers to buy local beef.

One idea Gareth is working on: implement an SAP-based solution – powered by HANA –  that would track feeding and grazing data for individual animals, as well as for herds across Australia. Automatically collecting the data via animal ear tags and then storing it centrally would allow farmers to show buyers an animal’s feeding history. Crucial stats such as muscle density and marbling potential are also tracked. Android devices with SAP’s new “SAP UI5” HTML5 mobile UI framework are also utilized. The end result? Farmers earn higher margins, wholesale buyers gain greater confidence in purchases and consumers know they’re getting top-quality domestic beef.


Show Notes

:51 The need for “game-changing” technology to help farmers compete with foreign beef

1:54 Better data management could provide a competitive edge and higher beef margins

2:56 HANA-managed data, collected via animal ear tags, aids farmers and the industry

4:37 Using Android UI5 apps puts everyone on the same page and improves overall quality

6:19 The solution could solve issues for farmers, buyers *and* consumers

7:03 Mounted hardware readers track cattle – generating higher profits for farmers

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.