It was surprisingly difficult to find truly buzz-worthy apps at the Mobile World Congress 2013, but we found a few keepers. This time it’s Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, COO and Co-Founder of BeTomorrow. He gives Jon an impromptu tour of a couple of their best apps – with Dennis behind camera.

First Jean-Dominique demos The G20 Data app, built for the French government, which shows visualizes data for all the G20 countries. In a comparison view, users get an instant, graphic snapshot of how France stacks up against the other G20s. Example: by manipulating a slider control near the bottom of the touchscreen, the app shows how many Internet users all 20 countries had at any given time, from 2000 onward. Stats for individual countries appear by tapping a map and a category.

The guys switch to the LiveSailing app, produced in conjunction with Omega for the 2012 London Olympics. By placing GPS devices in competing sailboats, the developers were able to produce real-time images of each, along with trailing graphics. The result? A real-time animated view of the actual race from constantly changing angles. The goal? To provide a higher level of user engagement than is possible from static (and often delayed) television coverage.

Show Notes

:33 G20 Data app compares stats, such as number of Internet users, for all G20 countries

1:26 Tapping on a specific country compares it with the rest of the G20

2:13 LiveSailing app shows real-time animated views of sailboat race, with trailing graphics

Disclosure: SAP paid Jon’s travel and accommodations as well as Dennis’ accommodations at MWC 13.