Code don’t matter to customers.  They just want answers – and they want them quickly. Customization is “industrial heroin”. Speaking at the Mastering SAP Technologies show in Melbourne, Australia, Dennis Howlett gives a rundown of the changes in today’s enterprise software market and why this is so disruptive to developers who aren’t in step with these fundamental shifts. Dennis uses recent JD-OD videos shot to underscore his points.

At their best, the new apps solve serious business problems with re-imagined software that people actually love to use, and don’t choke on or ignore like they do “legacy” software. Given the scope and potential scale of how people are using BI, mobile and cloud, one might expect a plethora of developers poised to capitalize on the demand for new solutions.

Sad to say, that simply isn’t the case. Not if the lack of programmers Dennis encountered at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona are any indication. This leaves an “almost limitless opportunity” for developers to provide solutions that solve industry pain points and visualize new ways of doing business. Thus Dennis’ provocative talk, which we have for you here on replay in its entirety.

Editor’s note/warning: this is an extended play video (30 minutes). Check the time stamps below for details.

Show Notes

:23 Why no one cares about your code

1:53 “Customization is industrial heroin”

3:17 Next-gen BI visualizations show more relevant detail

4:47 Speaking the language of the business

5:45 Developer presence at MWC 13 was almost non-existent

7:14 Visualizations will “wipe out” people doing BW on HANA

9:57 Competition – like Workday – is picking up SAP and Oracle’s customers

11:11 Mobile money demo from Uganda of 10 guys changing the world – 30,000 subscribers in one month

13:46 Dennis urges people to look outside of their world and get in step with the changes

15:15 Dennis backs up his message with comments from Mico Yuk and Vishal Sikka

17:58 The right apps can save companies huge amounts

19:44 Get with the program because things are changing very rapidly

20:45 User experiences are now pulled into the beginnings of projects

22:33 Smart CIOs embrace the changes – their careers depend upon it

25:47 Audience question on customizations