The “Internet of Things” is overhyped without enough proof points. But Jon and Den found a couple of good ones at the Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelona, including this “from the show floor” demo shoot with Benjamin Wesson, VP product management SAP.  With Dennis behind the camera, Ben shows Jon a HANA Predictive Analytics use case in the vending machine space.

Inspired by a bottling company in Mexico City that wanted to automate how it checked the inventory in its various vending machines, the resulting HANA solution tracks inventory in real time and provides the ability to drive revenues. The solution combines a Near Field Communications (NFC) interface, along with a series of sensors that feed data back to the vendor via the Internet. The end result is on-the-spot offers to consumers, as well as “smart analytics” that take into account external feeds – like weather data – that affect customer demand for various products.

In terms of field readiness, the system has already come to market with charter customers, such as the Mexico City bottler. Ben, who expects to see “significant revenue” this year, says the number of implementations will expand once he has a few good reference cases. Today, it’s vending machines. Looking ahead, Ben’s thinking about wind turbines and other industries.

Show Notes

:33 Ben introduces his machine-to-machine use case – a “smart” vending machine

:58 An NFC interface allows Ben to use his phone to buy soft drinks

2:09 Sensors and an Internet connection provide real-time inventory status

3:00 Predictive analytics based on sensor data maintain inventories and drive revenues

4:49 Ben expects the system to generate “significant revenue” this year

5:28 Go-to-market: focus is on references and then building out

5:48 The system is geared toward everyday users, not database engineers

Disclosure: SAP paid Jon’s travel and accommodations as well as Dennis’ accommodations at MWC 13.