A recent contract win from the UK’s Department for Transport (DFT) amounts to a “game changer” for business software company UNIT4, says Darren Hunt, Director of Sales and Marketing. Dennis sits down with Hunt and Anwen Robinson, Managing Director, to talk about replacing the government’s existing SAP solution with a cloud-based system from arvato (owned by the Bertelsmann Group), a UNIT4 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner.

The DFT deal, classified as a Shared Service Center One contract, is arvato’s first big central government coup in the UK, and involves several units, not just one entity. As the first independent Shared Services Center One arrangement, arvato will handle the existing Service Center, including the building and the people. Dennis points out that, from a taxpayer standpoint, the risk is therefore all with UNIT4.

Hunt says that UNIT4 and arvato want to support central government in its push to move as many organizations as possible to the Shared Service Center – all without an army of consultants, or, he argues, the headaches on a typical ERP implementation. “It’s a repeatable model designed for shared services,” Hunt says.

Show Notes

:38 UNIT4’s “game changing” deal includes the underlying technology to make it all work

1:13 Business partner arvato will lead the way in replacing the existing SAP solution

1:43 The risk to the new model’s viability lies with UNIT4, not the government

2:31 The company’s vision matches the government’s – to move to shared services

2:58 Unlike typical ERP, UNIT4’s solution is “a repeatable model designed for shared services”