What does the man who tracks CRM as well as anyone think of Microsoft’s latest update to its CRM suite? Dennis got the word directly from Esteban Kolsky of thinkjar while both were attending/crashing/analyzing the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 in New Orleans.

As Esteban sees it, to become best-of-breed, though, all of the parts of Microsoft’s CRM suite will need to integrate into a common platform – a process that will progressively happen over the couple years. He also explains why he likes Microsoft’s cloud story.

Esteban points out that while Microsoft has a couple of large CRM implementations at the Tier 1 level, they need to get more. There’s a big opportunity developing with Siebel replacements, some of which have been around for 15 or 20 years. The verdict? Compared to where things were last year, Microsoft’s new and improved CRM offering amounts to a good story – but one that needs a little more work.

Show Notes

:38 Microsoft’s new CRM suite is a good base – but with many moving parts

1:42 Esteban is more bullish in 1-2 years when the CRM suite becomes native

2:17 No one else can tell or deliver Microsoft’s cloud story – which goes beyond Windows 8

3:04 Microsoft still needs a common platform and a credible customer service story

4:05 Larger customers can be won, especially if Microsoft seeks to offer Siebel replacements

5:00 Licensing should take a huge step forward because the marketing message is better

5:43 Microsoft is developing a solid CRM story, it just needs a little work