Are reports of the death of Big BI greatly exaggerated – or not? Jon caught up with Mico Yuk on her home turf in Atlanta to follow up on a recent argument that Mico had with Dennis Howlett over the future of BI. Mico explains that she and Dennis basically agree that, with fiercer, nimbler competition from smaller vendors, the Big BI ship has sailed. The disagreement comes over how far the ship has made it from the dock.

Mico contends that the issue of data governance is the only thing keeping BI alive. Dennis believes that smaller vendors will soon find workable solutions to that issue, and that the Big BI suite players, such as SAP, IBM and Oracle, will need to drastically change their approach.

Mico goes on to say that business people have taken over BI from IT – and, in the process, devaluing IT to the point that its people need to re-brand themselves as data scientists. She contends that, by 2015, data scientists will assume the traditional BI role. And that suite BI vendors will need to move faster and come up with new approaches that outdistance the status quo.

But as Mico sees it, until the critical issue of data governance is settled, all bets are off. At least for now.

Show Notes

1:28 Business people, seeking instant solutions, are taking BI over from IT

2:39 The issue of data governance is keeping Big BI alive – for now.

3:19 Mico’s argument with Dennis: Data governance is missing link

3:45 BI from a finance/line of business perspective

4:09 Mico and Dennis agree a ship has sailed in BI, but disagree on how far

5:28 IT has become the victim of quicker BI solutions

7:02 BI managers giving way to data scientists

8:30 Mico predicts that by 2015, data scientists will replace the traditional BI role

9:15 Suite BI vendors need to move faster and beyond the status quo