It’s still uncommon to move an SAP productive instance to the cloud, much less during a major upgrade. Milk Link did both. The project? Move to ERP 6.0, Enhancement Pack 5. To get the lowdown, Dennis did an on-site visit with Dan Barton, SAP solutions manager at Milk Link. Collectively owned by 1,200 British farmers, Milk Link can’t afford down time. Given that the business can’t stop running, couldn’t miss an end-of-fiscal-year deadline to complete the upgrade, Dennis finds out how they pulled it off. Panaya’s role as a solution to ease the pain of upgrades is also covered.

So how does Dan define go-live success? The lack of calls from his constituents complaining about the upgrade was one good sign. Dan was also able to quantify savings Panaya brought to time and cost. Dan also shares the lessons learned about automating the testing process.

Show Notes

0:21 How Milk Link supports 1,200 British famers

1:12 The ERP 6.0 upgrade amounted to a “pretty big leap”

2:16 The impact of Panaya

4:14 Companies should challenge what they’re told about software tools

5:31 Lack of complaints a good measuring stick for success.

6:25 Lessons learned: automating the testing process

Disclosure: this video was a commissioned shoot with, paid for by Panaya