Crushpath is a California-based startup with a lead management platform that could prove to be disruptive in the sales software arena.  Dennis caught up with CEO Sam Lawrence in downtown San Francisco to see what sets Crushpath apart.

The guys talk about the Crushpath sales pitch page, which provides both companies (and individuals) involved in the sales process with an online storefront to connect online with buyers in a transparent way. As for how Crushpath distinguishes itself from the competition, Sam says that’s done by making the platform something everyone can use when they find themselves taking on a sales role. He has seen interest from all kinds of industries – including financial services, health care, professional services, and non-profits.

As for Crushpath’s own sales pipeline, Sam says they’ve “tapped into an artery” on both the corporate and individual fronts. It’s a story we’ll be tracking.

Show Notes

:40 Breaking down barriers to sales

2:10 Creating unique storefronts on a Crushpath page

3:33 Pages are visible through search and social sharing

4:42 Industries that are showing interest in Crushpath

5:53 How Crushpath serves the individual

6:55 Future outlook